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Sammy Sawyer

"Now there's bullet maintenance"

Don Knotts and Sammy in NC 1995

Sammy Sawyer

East Tennessee's own "Barney Fife"

Impersonator, Humorist and Christian Speaker...

A Barney Fife impersonator, but in real life Sammy Sawyer is a native of east Tennessee and for the past several years has made appearances impersonating Barney Fife in several states from coast to coast and in a variety of venues. He has extensive experience in front of audiences of all sizes. He has also performed on stage as well as radio and television along with his various personal appearances. Sammy has made numerous appearances as a Barney Fife impersonator along with a list of other voices and characters that he enjoys doing as well. Being a Barney Fife impersonator is his favorite and Sammy still lives in east Tennessee. He and his wife Dawn have 4 sons Taylor, Logan, Peyton and Hudson. Please be sure to sign our guestbook with any comments that you would like to share.